Almost from its inception in May of 1989, the MAD DADS model has attracted international attention.  In 1998, MAD DADS launched its first international chapter in Rotterdam, Netherlands.   Known affectionately as the “Omaha Model,”  MAD DADS has garnered international attention from an additional 18 countries from around the world who have sent representatives – many times accompanied by their press– to research, investigate and determine the feasibility of replicating MAD DADS in their respective countries.   The following countries have sent high-ranking individuals and officials from policythink tanks, universities, and government agencies, to learn more about the Omaha model.  These countries include:


In February 2011, Haiti sent a high-level delegation to Jacksonville to speak with MAD DADS leadership about the prospects of replicating MAD DADS in several cities including the captial Port-au-Prince.  With the President and CEO Theron D. Cook having visited that city recently, the prospects for MAD DADS second international Chapter is looking bright.